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Family Advent Rules (Free Printable)

Oh I just love advent. The Catholic Church is full of beautiful traditions that help us enter into (or "Jump In" to) the beauty of the Liturgical year. I mean, we actually have a season of waiting for Christmas! In a world that rushes into Christmas (some as early as October!), I think the world needs a little more Advent, a season dedicated to slowing down, waiting, and preparing spiritually, physically and emotionally for the greatest gift of all: God becoming man in Jesus Christ.

So this year, I felt called to give up social media and focus this year on less screens. Our family loves to watch movies and shows together. We are self-professed couch potatoes. I know for me, personally, social media took me away from being present to my family, from being present to what the Lord put in front of me.

However, I do not want a screen-free Advent because I believe families can use movies to bond together. Plus, I do not want my kids to hate advent. Matt and I wanted to help our entire family enter into the slowing down, the waiting, the preparing of advent together, so we set up some rules around advent, starting today, Dec 3.

We set up more limitations on their screen usage.

We set up a family rosary each night, followed by reading a chapter of Luke's gospel.

We set up more designated “Holy Hours” where no screens would be on, no music. Just quiet, boring times to play quietly, to give Jesus a chance to speak to us.

Then we printed our new Advent Rules out for the house to see.

This is for OUR family. I encourage you and your spouse to come up with some guidelines for YOUR family to slow down, wait, and prepare.

I wanted to share with you the form we used in Canva. There is a free version of Canva anyone can use. You can add whatever text/rules/reminders you need for Advent and print off for your family.

To access this free template, click here.

May you and your family experience a blessed Advent!

Waiting alongside you,

The Halbachs

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