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“This workshop was awesome and much needed in our day and time.” -Patti, Granger Iowa

This workshop teaches moms and daughters the true meaning of femininity, using Mary as our perfect example!

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Imagine a world where moms and daughters were able to discuss and agree on what femininity really means.

Imagine the freedom of knowing that femininity is not about what you wear or how you wear your hair, but who God created you to be.

Imagine moms and daughters who look forward to time together and recognize God's goodness in one another, building one another up, and praying for one another often.

All of this is possible. Let the Full of Grace workshop help make this a reality for your parish!

The Workshop Outline

Mom and daughter reading scripture together.
Part 1: The Call of Femininity

All girls have femininity in common and it is not determined by how we dress, whether we like the color pink, or if we like dresses. We are not deemed feminine by the world, only our creator can do that when He knits us in our mother's womb (Psalm 139:13) 


How do we define femininity then?

In Part 1, we look to Luke's Gospel and read about how Mary's life gives us the framework of femininity: 
Listen, Respond, Share, Serve.

Part 2: The Challenges Girls Face


The second part of the workshop focuses on the lies our society tells us about "how to be a girl" and how those lies are meant to take us off course. We discuss how to not fall for traps like comparison, seeing and embracing our unique beauty and place in this world. We also discuss how striving to be full of grace can help us see through the lies and practical ways to seek grace in our lives.

Catholic Crafts for Girls
Catholic mom and daughter doing crafts
Part 3: The Mother Daughter Bond

The last and perhaps the most powerful part of the workshop is where we call upon the Holy Spirit and prayer and give moms and daughters time to pray with one another. According to the feedback we have received, this has been the most treasured part of the entire workshop for moms and daughters!

Included with
Full of Grace Workshop Package

Everything you need to host this beautiful workshop at your parish including:

  • Scripts from start to finish and videos presenting each of three parts of the workshop.

  • Over ten PDFs needed for the workshop

  • Directions for the games and crafts

  • Suggestions for hospitality, directions for set up 

  • A marketing plan to equip parishes to promote well for each even

  • Ready made fliers and social media images to spread the word.

“A much needed workshop to begin/continue teaching our girls how to truly find their identities and remember their worth!”- Sarah

“The Full of Grace experience gave my daughters and I the time and space to connect through scripture and the feminine example of Mary.” -Erin O.

“Stacy is a very good public speaker who keeps each audience member feel included!”

-Angela W.

“Every mother and daughter should attend this beautiful class!”

-Theresa W. 

“I loved the whole thing!”

-Rebekah (8 years old)

“This was a well-put together workshop that helped my daughter and I connect and reflect on all the ways God has given us the perfect example of the femininity of Mary.”


“This workshop was phenomenal and a wonderful experience for moms and daughters! It was all the elements: informative, laugh out loud funny, engaging, reflective, emotional, smoothly run, well balanced, etc. I’m so impressed.” -Heather C.

“I loved learning that saying ‘yes!’ to God can change the world.”

- Bridget  (11 years old) 

“As a mom of a 7th grade girl-This is what they all need DESPERATELY!!!”

-Elizabeth H.

“My daughter and I loved it! We could have stayed several more hours!” -Gabby H.

Continue Growing with Bloom Book!

​This book, written for moms and daughters, helps unfold the beauty of femininity through topics like beauty, vocation, friendships, boundaries, healthy habits, puberty, etc. The book also includes:

  • 12 Beautiful custom-designed watercolor illustrations available for download!

  • Open-ended discussion prompts

  • Crafty Mother-daughter activities for each chapter

  • 12 different sister saints and their stories

  • Easy-to-read chapters with relatable stories

  • Authentic Catholic Teaching that inspires, uplifts, and directs hearts toward God


Learn more about Bloom

Bulk discounts for print and eBook downloads available!

Meet Mom & Daughter

Stacy and Grace Halbach

My daughter, Grace, was the inspiration for writing Bloom, and writing the Full of Grace workshop. I wanted to design an experience that would support mother/daughter conversations about becoming faithful, Catholic women.

I wanted Grace to look forward to these conversations. I wanted her to walk away from our time together feeling loved and encouraged. I wanted to make sure we had quality time together and fell deeper in love with Jesus and His plan for our lives.

I truly believe Bloom and the Full of Grace Workshop can do just this for the moms and daughters of your parish!

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