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 Supporting Spirit-led Catholic Marriage and Family Life

We support Catholic families with down-to-earth advice, relatable stories, and practical resources that actually work for busy families.

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Navigating Catholic Family Life

Authentically and Imperfectly

Picture this: You call all the kids to the living room for a family rosary, ok just a decade of the rosary, and you hear the teenager moan in dread while you bribe the 5 year old with fruit snacks to sit and listen and be quiet.


You quickly say the rosary while whisper screaming at the 9 year old to keep her hands to herself and a part of you just wishes family prayer could be more... prayerful. Sound familiar?


Hey there! We're Matt and Stacy Halbach, and we've been there too.


With backgrounds in theology, catechesis, and the school of hard knocks (a.k.a. parenting), we created Jump In to support Spirit-led family life in the real world. Through our blog, books, talks, and resources, we walk alongside Catholic families like yours to help you thrive in the chaos.


Our mission? To remind you that you're not alone, and that God is right there with you (even when life feels like a hot mess express).


So, if you're ready to embrace the imperfect, laugh at the craziness, and dive deeper into your Catholic faith with your family, you've found your people. Welcome to Jump In!

Practical Tools for Catholic Marriages & Families

Parenting is hard. Marriage is hard. Catholic marriage and family life can feel even harder. Check out some of our most popular resources to support and inspire you along the way.


Strengthen your marriage with our Rosary guide, featuring meditations and reflections specifically for husbands and wives.

Keep your little ones engaged during family Rosary time with our fun, interactive rosary coloring sheet.

Navigate life's big transitions with your teenager using our guide, designed to foster meaningful conversations and connection.


Guide Your Daughter Through Puberty with "Bloom"

"Bloom" is a Catholic puberty book designed to help moms and daughters (ages 8-13) navigate the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes of growing up. Through engaging stories, activities, and the wisdom of 12 female Saints, "Bloom" empowers girls to:


  • Understand and appreciate their changing bodies 

  • Cultivate virtues and values aligned with the faith 

  • Recognize their identity as beloved daughters of God


Our Blog: Dive Deeper into Spirit-Led Catholic Family Life!

More Resources to Support Your Family's Faith

Check out our shop for practical resources to strengthen your marriage, engaging family activities, printables to help your family grow in prayer, and more! 

Invite Matt and Stacy 

to Speak at Your Next Event

Are you seeking relatable, engaging speakers to uplift and support Catholic families at your parish, retreat, or conference? Matt and Stacy Halbach bring their realistic style, practical wisdom, and heartfelt passion to every speaking engagement. 


Support Our Mission to Strengthen Catholic Families

When you donate to Jump In, you're becoming a part of:


  • The development of new blog posts, podcasts, and books that offer down-to-earth guidance and encouragement for Catholic parents.

  • The creation of engaging, faith-filled resources and activities for families to use at home.

  • The ability to reach more families through speaking engagements, retreats, and workshops.

Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference in our ability to serve and strengthen Catholic families. Thank you for supporting Jump In Catholic Family Life Ministry.

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