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A Catholic Puberty Book for Girls and Their Moms!

But not just puberty, Bloom is an interactive guide to help moms and their daughters embrace and embody authentic femininity in a world that often undervalues and misunderstands the true essence of being a woman... 

Catholic Puberty Book for Girls Bloom

In Bloom, Stacy Halbach delves deep into the essence of femininity, guiding mothers and their daughters (ages 8 to 13) rich discussions about puberty, healthy habits, boundaries, bullies, friendships, prayer, and more! 


With profound insights from Catholic teachings, the catechism, and the guidance of 12 female saints, this book serves as a guiding beacon for mothers to lead their daughters' young hearts toward their purpose as cherished daughters of the King.

What's Inside

Sample page of Catholic perspective on puberty, starting with prayer and ending with mom daughter activity
Practical Information on the Female Body and It's Care

Learn about and discuss the way the female body works and see how our bodies are created good! Embrace the beauty and purpose behind why we menstruate, why we have breasts, and even how to develop healthy habits to take care of our bodies!

Daughters' Identity

Bloom invites mothers to actively guide their daughters' hearts during puberty toward recognizing their identity as cherished daughters of the King to instill self-worth, confidence, and a strong sense of purpose in their lives.

Each chapter has discussion questions for moms and daughters.
12 female Saints to teach about femininity to our daughters
Clarify Spiritual Formation

Utilize the profound wisdom of Catholic teachings, the Catechism, and the experiences of 12 female Saints to infuse spiritual depth into your conversations. Translate these teachings into actionable lessons that empower both mothers and daughters to cultivate virtues and values that align with their faith.

Included with

  • 12 Beautiful custom-designed watercolor illustrations available for download!

  • Open-ended discussion prompts

  • Crafty Mother-daughter activities for each chapter

  • 12 different sister saints and their stories

  • Easy-to-read chapters with relatable stories

  • Authentic Catholic Teaching that inspires, uplifts, and directs hearts toward God


Bloom fosters meaningful conversations between mothers and daughters. The "Ask One Another" questions are designed to spur conversation on a diverse range of topics that point mothers and daughters back to their Catholic faith and identity in Christ.

"Bloom... The Book needed to raise the next generation of confident, Catholic women..."

What a rewarding experience my daughters and I have had with Bloom. This book has given us the opportunity to grow together in learning about one another, but also an opportunity to grow in appreciation for our faith and the life God gave to us. This was fun, faithful, and fulfilling and I cannot recommend enough! - Teresa K.

Bloom was the perfect book to help transition my daughter from elementary to middle school. It initiates conversations on age appropriate topics and lets me choose how deep to dive into those subjects. We’ve grown together while encountering this easy to read journey. -Kristen M

As a busy mom of 7 kiddos, it's easy to forget how important one-on-one time is. Through my daughter and I reading Bloom, I realize it was the perfect opportunity to replenish our love and appreciation for each other. I marveled at her questions and answers, love learning about the saints, and we always looked forward to the hands on activities at the end of each chapter. I highly recommend this book for every mama and 10-12 year old girl. -Kim S.

Living in today’s society and raising four daughters feels, at times, a daunting task for me, but Bloom is the perfect guide! The preteen and teen years are often such a fragile time for girls, but this book brings up the perfect conversations to help them realize their beauty, worth, feminine genius, and the beauty of our Catholic faith! What a perfect way to strengthen my bond with my daughters as well! -Kathleen B.

We did the activities and loved it. It was very fun having a tangible act of service, activity, or prayer we could pray together. I'm not sure who is growing more in their faith-- my daughter or me. Sarah T.

The questions in Bloom were great starting points to talk about bullies, hygiene, and self-perception...  it was great to hear where my daughter was struggling and have scripture and real-life examples from the Saints to point to for intercessory prayer. Jessica R.

This book is a Diocesan Approved Catholic Resource, read and endorsed by our bishop.

Meet Mom & Daughter

Stacy and Grace Halbach

My daughter, Grace, was the inspiration for writing this book. I wanted to find a resource that would support mother/daughter conversations about becoming faithful, Catholic women.

I wanted Grace to look forward to these conversations. I wanted her to walk away from our time together feeling loved and encouraged. I wanted to make sure we had quality time together and fell deeper in love with Jesus and His plan for our lives.

I truly believe Bloom can do just this for you and your daughter!

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