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Deacon Matt Halbach, PhD

Dad, Deacon, Doctor

Matt loves presenting dynamic and captivating talks to people in crowds both big and small. Matt has keynoted Men's Conferences, as well as led Diaconate Retreats, Parish Missions, and Diocesan Catechetical retreats.

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Stacy Halbach

Wife, Mom, Chaos Coordinator

Stacy loves her vocation as wife and mother but isn't afraid to share the real struggles and frustrations along the way. With a genuine and approachable demeanor, Stacy accompanies women along their journey towards finding contentment in God in everyday life.

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Matt and Stacy.jpg

Matt and Stacy

We really like each other

Married for 16 years, eight children (two in heaven), both have degrees in theology, both have hearts for ministry. Together, Matt and Stacy have keynoted at marriage retreats as well as led retreats for deacons and their wives. 

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