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"Come Away with Me" for Advent

"Jesus said to them, `Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while.' " Mark 6:31

This Advent hits different. Not sure about you, but I could really use some one-on-one with Jesus, quality time away from the noise, away from the distractions, just soaking up his hope, peace, joy and love.

After some reflection, I have felt called to give up social media for advent. It’s not that social media is filled with bad people or something, if anything it’s the opposite. I find all of you so inspiring and supportive and I love reading about what’s happening in your lives! Also, reels are addicting and are a huge time suck.

So with that being said, I plan to “come away” with Jesus, ditch much of my distraction and find Him in the present moment.

I will search for Him in the mundane, the boring, the slow.

I will make room for him by clearing out the excess laundry, the messy, overcrowded garage and the disorganized toys.

I will listen for him in the quiet, not in the playlists, podcasts, and reels.

I will find Him in prayer: breaking open His Word in morning and evening prayer, contemplating his life in the mysteries of the Rosary and intimately receiving His Body in the Eucharist.

I’m hungry. The world is offering junk food that distracts but does not nourish. I’m ready for something more, I’m waiting for something better. Someone better.

I’m waiting for Him. I Invite you to Come Away from the world and wait for Him in this season of Advent.

To aid in this mission, I’ve created a resource that may help us Moms enter into prayer. I’ve written a meditation/workbook to help us moms enter into the Mysteries of the Rosary. I started with the Joyful Mysteries.

Click the link below for this free product:

I plan on creating little workbook downloads like this for each set of mysteries so stay tuned for the Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous coming up soon.

God bless you over the next 23 days.

Praying for you,


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