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Tired and Overwhelmed Moms: It Gets Better.

Today was pretty tiring for me. Sore from a hard workout, probably not getting enough carbs (doing whole30 has taken my food crutch away and I just miss pizza 😭) and my 3yo REFUSED her lunch aaand her nap.

Sounds like normal mom stress stuff, but toss in PMS and you’ve got a low key breakdown.

So the older kids come home from school and can sense I’m off. They ask if I’m ok, they see I’m struggling a bit. Ben tells me to stay in my bed for a while. (No problem haha).

He leaves for a bit then pops in and asks if I can eat fruit on my special diet (yes I can). Then disappears again. He orchestrates the kids to clean the whole house. He comes in with a fruit plate and says, “we saw you were having a rough day and wanted you to feel better so have some fruit and when you’re finished you can see that we cleaned the whole house for you.”

Bam. Bawling. Who am I to deserve such love as this??? 😭😭😭 I feel seen, loved, and cared for. The same kids who have caused me stress and worry and overwhelm have released me from it today ❤️❤️❤️

I’m posting to brag on how incredible they are. And to remember this sweet gesture of love.

God used them to love me hard today. ✨

I’m also posting to remind you… this parenting thing… it’s a priceless gift. And even though it’s hard right now… it gets better than you could have ever imagined.

(Written 3/25/2022)

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