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The Little Things in Marriage

A little thing happened this morning. It was little, but it was important.

Matt and I sit and drink our coffee on the couch and chat each morning. Sometimes we pray together, sometimes we zone out and watch news or our favorite shows. Sometimes we talk about what’s on the agenda for the day. No matter what, we sit in the same spots and sip our coffees and see each other.

This morning, Matt literally grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go-he asked me to look at him and listen until he was done. Then he started telling me all the things he has seen me do lately, all the hard work I’ve done. He listed all the things, not letting me roll my eyes or brush it off. Then after  what speaking seemed like a million compliments and ‘attaboys’ my way, he asked me to accept those things and be proud of them, to smile and acknowledge how well God was using me to bring about peace, love and joy to our family and community.

God used Matt to speak directly to my heart, to love me so perfectly.

It felt…so uncomfortable for me to be the object of such intense praise, but, oh how my heart relished in it! 

It was such a little thing for Matt to speak such truth and light to me. It was so random, yet Matt didn’t know that I was carrying a heaping load of mom guilt and a wicked case of the “not-good-enoughs”.

I truly believe goodness in marriage, holiness, virtue, etc is not built upon these big, flashy moments. It’s the little moments.It’s the little times when we say “yes” to a stirring, a way God wants to use us; t’s saying “yes” to the little promptings of the Holy Spirit.

What is a little way God can use you to love your spouse? If you don't know, ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you.

St. Therese, patroness of little things, pray for us and for all marriages!

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