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New Resource! “How to Create a Prayer Routine as Husband and Wife”!

I love lent. It's difficult to go without the worldly crutches we all use, yes, but it’s a time where people openly experiment with prayer, striving just a little bit more to leave the things of this world behind and grow closer to God. 

Lent has been hard. With the loss of my niece in utero and the loss of our beloved pet bunny Gerald, I've been thoroughly reminded that death is a part of everyone’s story.

RIP Gerald

My husband and I have been leaning hard on one another for support. Our prayer time together has been a lifeline. As God calls us out to the desert, gently removing the artificial pillars we lean on, Matt and I pray that you remember your spouse this lent; remember that through the vocation of marriage, you can lean on Jesus through your spouse in prayer.

We’ve created something to help couples come to Jesus together in prayer. It’s called How to Create a Prayer Routine as Husband and Wife. It’s now available in our shop!

It's a 26 page PDF download with clickable links. I encourage you to both print it out and pull up the PDF on your computer to click the links to many other articles, videos, quizzes, and more!

We thank you in advance for supporting our ministry through your purchase!


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