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✨In the Moment✨

The #1 best piece of advice I received when I had the twins was:

Stay in the moment! Don’t ask how much longer you’ll get up several times a night. Or how much longer until they stop pooping all the time. Or when things will get easier. Stay in the moment, the very second you’re in. Because even wondering your struggles into the future a little bit can rob you of any peace you have now.

This morning I met with friends who pull me along their journeys toward sainthood. I often sit back and listen, picking up their breadcrumbs of lived wisdom and holiness. This morning one of these beautiful women mentioned that God only gives us grace for the present moment. Of course!!!

This blew my mind because so much of my worry comes from what may or may not happen in the future. When I stop my heart from trying to be in the future, and focus it on the present, the right now in front of me, anxiety fades and peace invades my soul.

God is eternal but He meets us in the present. The right now.

So in your prayer today, I challenge you to meet Him in the right now. What are you feeling right now? What’s he saying to you right now? Let him hold you right now.

(Written Sept 25, 2020)

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