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Got Hope?

This word is heavy with meaning for me. Not only is Hope a virtue, one that can keep us holding on when we didn’t think we could...

...but it’s also the name of one of the children we lost.

Hope is hard. It’s tricky when you’ve been hurt before. We hope for the best, or at least what we believe is best. When those hopes are dashed, it teaches is that hoping is too painful. That we should somehow expect the worst, that way when it comes, we aren’t as hurt.

That’s bullshit. Utter bullshit the devil whispers to our broken hearts.

It is helpful to know God’s voice, as sheep know their shepherd’s voice. Because we can always hope in Him. He won’t let us down. His plans may be different than ours, but his plans are for our welfare, not woe (Jer 29:11).

We didn’t plan Baby Hope. But when we found out about her, our hearts expanded and made room. We loved her. We wanted her. Then we lost her.

Was my heart’s devastation God’s will? Was that the plan for welfare?? At the time it didn’t feel like it. But two years later we found some unexpected news...

That empty space in my heart and arms was filled. Two fold. Pax and Joy. My boy girl twins. My peace and my joy. My hope restored twofold.

This isn’t just a #miscarriageawareness post. It’s a post about hope. Dare to hope in Him. Jump in to that river of his will for your life.

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