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✨G R A T I T U D E✨

(Written Nov 2, 2020...)

This year has been cray, I know. It’s almost like because it’s been record breaking crazy and awful, it gives us all permission to complain.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be the queen of complaining at my house! In fact, when I do, my life doesn’t get better. It gets worse. When I bitch about how tired I am or how hard the twins are or how I wish my stretched out mom tum was smaller or whatever... I miss a huge opportunity.

Instead of seeing how busy and full of life my day is, I see how tired I am. Instead of seeing I have two healthy, energetic, smart and hilarious boy girl twins, I see how hard they are. Instead of seeing my body as a well tuned machine that grew and gave birth to 6 beautiful and healthy children, including growing two at the same time and delivering full term, I see stretched skin and more fat than I’d like.

✨But what if...✨

What if we swam against the stream and chose to see what we’re grateful for? For the blessing. For the acts of love and sacrifice great and small within our families!

This month I challenge you to flip the script. When you complain (we all do it, we’re human!) thank God for the hidden blessing within. And watch your life transform before you’re eyes.

If you need help and support to do this—shoot me a message! I’m realllllly good in looking for the good. 💁‍♀️😂But seriously I've had a ton of practice.

Posted via Instagram on Nov 2, 2020

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