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Chapter 7 Activity: Period Support

Enhance your mother-daughter bonding experience with our exclusive activity resource designed to complement the digital and physical book, Bloom. This resource is packed with engaging activities and prompts that will further enrich your quality time with your daughter. This post contains affiliate links.

Activity: Assemble or go over Period Kit

It's so important to educate ourselves with what's out there to support ourselves during that time of the month when we get our periods! Take some time to read over this activity together!


If you would like to just buy a period kit, these are some good choices from Amazon. I couldn't find anything that has all the period support options listed below in it, so here are the directions to make your own.

(You could potentially just go over the options and not have a kit. You can make one based on the options she wants to try.)

If your daughter’s love language is gifts, it’s really important to include the “extras,” although most girls will appreciate them too.


Here is an opportunity to go over what to expect when you starts your first period and which products you can use to support menstruation.

Let’s take some time to discuss each of the following ways we can prevent blood from ending up on our clothing with the four different period support products listed below.


Perhaps the easiest and least intimidating is the pad. You can do reusable or disposable. They make disposable pads that are made for younger, smaller girls. You can find little kits with sample pads HERE or get yourself a three-pack here.


Tampons can seem intimidating at first. That’s okay. But eventually, you will want the convenience of them. You can't go swimming or exercise comfortably when you are wearing a pad. So tampons are a way you can be a little more free when you are on your period. It’s best to start with the smallest size. Here are some different boxes of tampons for teens on Amazon.

I have noticed I am more prone to cramping when I wear tampons. I am guessing it has to do with the bleached cotton fibers. There are other organic, unbleached alternatives, but I have never tried them because I love the next option.

Menstrual Cup:

This is my favorite option. It has the freedom of a tampon without the cramps! It is reusable, economic, and it’s super convenient. This may be something your daughter can try when she is older. I would recommend moms try this out before teaching their daughters as it may be tricky to figure out the first few months. But believe me, stick with it because it is so worth it! I have had the same Diva cup for 8 years now and I will never try anything else! Here are some options on Amazon. Generally, there is a small size for younger girls and a larger size for women who have given birth.

Period Underwear

This is something that is a little newer but super easy and comfortable especially for the first few years. I have tried period underwear for my lighter days and it works! It doesn't seem like it would, but it does. This multipack seems like a great value and may be worth giving it a try for the lighter days. Pair with pad and/or tampon or menstrual cup for heavier days.

Extras: These are not necessary but could bring some comfort!

Heating pad is a great addition to have for the days where cramping creeps in. As your uterus contracts to shed the lining, those contractions can hurt! A warm reusable heating pad can be so comforting! Here is a simple way to make your own using rice and fabric. Easy No Sew DIY Rice Heating Pad - Living Well Mom, but you can just Google “DIY Heating Pad” for tons of ideas!

Facewash may come in handy during that time of the month for us because we tend to get more oily and break out. If you don't already have a face wash, I really love the Acure brand, but use what you like! It would be fun to do facial masks too!

Chocolate is always a good idea. According to a Healthline article, “Dark chocolate appears to live up to the hype when it comes to relieving period cramps. Studies suggest that eating between 40–120 grams of dark chocolate daily during your period may help reduce pain. This is probably because dark chocolate is rich in magnesium, which can relax muscles and ease aches.” I know the milk and sugar found in most milk chocolate is delicious but could make cramping symptoms worse. I love the Lily’s brand of chocolate because it contains no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and tastes delicious!

Something Warm to Sip

I don't know about you, but I love to have something warm to sip when I am in need of comfort, so having hot cocoa packets or herbal teas on hand is important to me! I love these sweet dessert herbal teas. They taste delicious but contain no caffeine or artificial sweeteners (just natural stevia and herbal tea blends)!

Ibuprofen or Soothing Essential Oil Blend

We definitely use ibuprofen when we really need it but tend to avoid it for regular use. We love using quality essential oils to help soothe cramps. Here’s a great recipe to use in a roller during crampy times:

8 drops Clary Sage EO*

4 drops Frankincense EO*

8 drops Lavender EO*

Brown Glass Roller Bottle 10ml (there are other color options but the darker glass helps protect the EOs from UV rays so it keeps longer)

Whole Carrier oil (almond oil works great!)

Slowly add carrier oil to fill it ¾ the way. Then add drops of essential oil. Put the roller cap, then the black cap back on and give it twist it shut to secure the roller cap on. Then a little shake and it’s ready to use!

*I don't recommend shopping on Amazon for essential oils. I use Young Living Essential Oils. You can get your own account here and I can help you get started. If you have another high quality brand, use it!

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