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Chapter 12 Activity: Create Something Beautiful

These blog posts are designed to support the mother/daughter activities in the book I wrote called, Bloom. If you don't have your own copy yet, check out the print and Ebook. This post contains affiliate links.

Chapter 12 Activity: Create something beautiful. Try painting, drawing, writing a poem, making jewelry, planting flowers, etc.


This will depend on which craft you plan on doing.

Paints, brushes, paper, pencils, clay, yarn, etc.


Search for and Listen to the song “I Don’t Have Much” by Mission House while you create something beautiful. It may help set the tone of using art as a response to God’s love.

Need inspiration for creating art? Search “Catholic Art for Kids” on Pinterest or YouTube for several ideas.

For example, Grace decided to write a poem featured in this post.

Don't have the book yet? Grab your Digital Copy or Print Copy now! Want to spend some more time reflecting on Bloom? Check out our Digital Mother's Journal and Print Mother's Journal coming soon!

Tell us how it's going! You are welcome to join our Best Buds: Bloom Community FB Page and connect with other Catholic mothers and their daughters and continue the discussion! All book owners have access to "Best Buds" community page on our website.

Want to bring this book study to your parish? We've created a free resource to help you do just that in the Best Buds Community Page!

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