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Bloom: A Guide for Moms and Daughters to Unfold the Beauty of Femininity in Light of the Son

This book has been on my mind and heart for quite some time.

We have a problem of identity in the world of women. Many don’t know how to define a woman, that it’s somehow fluid or even up to the individual as if they could choose to become a woman.

What an attack on the truth and beauty of femininity.

Mary, the Mother of God, is our perfect example of living out our call to true beauty and femininity. She demonstrates the whole point of our beauty is to draw others toward God through our beauty.

Mary is the OG Monstrance. Her goodness, gentleness, and receptivity draws others towards her and she points that praise to God. The source of all goodness, truth and beauty.

Much like how a flower slowly unfolds to reveal its pinnacle of beauty, little girls slowly bloom into young women. The ultimate goal of all women is to become like Mary, the perfect monstrance, drawing others towards us so we can point them to goodness, truth and beauty, so we can point them towards God.

This is why the book I have written is called Bloom: unfolding the beauty of femininity in light of the Son. It’s for moms and their daughters to discuss the changes of puberty and how they point us to a deeper reality of our calling to live out our feminine genius.

Please pray for the launch projected for Oct 1st and spread the word!

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