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A Good Friday Meditation for Catholic Moms

What Good Friday means to me, a slave to sin.

My lent has been good, not because I’ve successfully fasted… but because my sinfulness has risen to the top and become known, no longer hidden behind excuses.

Jesus wounds heal us

I’ve realized what a slave to sin I truly am. I try with my own efforts to conquer it, and come up disappointed every time.

I need him to carry it. To conquer it.

Now that my sinfulness is apparent to me, I’ve been invited to hold each sinful thought and nail it on the cross or add it to his cross as he carries it. A small voice tells me, “no! How could you add to his burden?”

But a louder voice says, “It’s why he died for us.”

Good Friday is good because by his cross he has redeemed the word. His cross frees me from sin I cannot conquer myself, but I can offer my sin to Jesus on the cross.

So when your sinfulness bubbles up, imagine yourself taking it and nail it to his cross.

By his wounds, we are healed.

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