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Catholic Family Ministry

with Matt and Stacy Halbach

Raising Happy and Faithful Kids can be Hard... 

Family life is hard. Trying to keep your family Catholic and happy is even harder. Sometimes it feels like you're paddling against the stream not going anywhere. We can help! We help families Jump In to a life led by the Holy Spirit, grow closer to one another and to God with our blog, books and speaking events!

Are you ready to jump in to a life led by the Holy Spirit?


Get to Know Us

Matt and Stacy met in the summer of 2006. Read all about how they met in this blog post. Matt was in seminary; Stacy was discerning religious life. God had other plans for them. After an invitation to Jump In to the river of the Holy Spirit, Matt and Stacy discerned marriage and a life of raising authentically Catholic kids and accompany others on the same road!


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What We Do

With gifts of writing, speaking, and accompaniment, Matt and Stacy want to support the domestic Church in the following ways...

A beautiful reflection on what the Saints can teach us

Books and Resources

Matt and Stacy both love to speak and write. Matt has written several books on Evangelization and Catechesis, as well as an eye-opening book on seeing God through the eyes of the Saints. Stacy writes books designed to bring parents and kids closer together.

Catholic Marriage Ministry

Speaking and Retreats

With a down to earth and genuine approach, Matt and Stacy deliver dynamic retreats, presentations and parish missions with messages designed to help families grow in their Catholic faith and identity.

Supporting Spirit Led Families

Jump In Blog

From recommended books to real life family problems, our Jump In blog covers a variety of topics meant to support families and their mission to become lifelong Catholics of mission and service.

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