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Easy Way to Get Quality Time with Each of Your Kids

One-on-one time is a priceless gift and hard to do with a large family, so we implemented something called Tuck-in-time to make sure we are checking in with each kid on a weekly basis. It is such a great, simple idea to spend quality time with your kids! It costs no money and only 15 minutes of your time! 

Get ahead of misbehaviors 

I first heard about this concept from Jordan Page. She is a mom of 8 and realized that her kids would start acting up when they have not received attention. As a way to get ahead of that, and to make sure they get regular time with each kiddo, they incorporated it into their bedtime routine with something called Tuck in time!

What is Tuck-in-Time?

Each kid has a different night that they get to stay up 15 min past their bedtime to spend one-on-one time with a parent of their choice. They also get to choose a snack and what the parent and child does for their 15 min. You can just snuggle on the couch and talk, play card games, play video games together, watch TV shows, go for a walk, the possibilities are endless!

Tuck in time is important because:

Benefits of Quality Time with each of your kids:

  • It fills up their love tank

    • It’s a consistent time that we check in with them and can touch on their love language to make sure they are feeling seen and loved.

    • If you have not already, visit the link above and make sure everyone 8 and up knows one another’s love language. Consider having a family night where you all take the quiz and talk about your results!

  • Our kids feel seen, heard and loved 

    • ...So they are less likely to misbehave. We’ve noticed that our kids are much more obedient, less hyperactive, and more loving towards their siblings when they feel seen and loved by Matt and me.

  • Great faith sharing conversations happen easily

    • Typically we have good conversations. There is just something about late at night that our kids, even our teens, want to ask all the deep questions. Maybe it’s just to stay up later, but I’m ok with it. They are all ears so it’s a great time to teach about our faith and what God has done in our lives.  Here is where we can really guide our kids to seek God, affirm what God has blessed them with, point them to Catholic wisdom and scripture, etc.

Nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Quality time with each of your kids can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Tuck in time will cost you 15 minutes or so of your time. There is no financial commitment. It’s super easy to begin and your kids will LOVE IT.

I’m so curious to hear how you start to see positive change almost immediately! Be sure to comment below what changes you are noticing!

mom spending quality time with one of her kids

Catholic Mom spending quality time with one of her six kids

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