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This bundle includes 5 paperback books meant to be shared as gifts for others. Not for resale.


Moms, our daughters are hungry. They not only can put away a lot of food (are all children bottomless pits?) but they are hungry to be seen. To be known. To be loved. This book gives us moms an opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with our daughters, to check in with their lives, to ask questions and listen to her answers. It gives us time to teach them life-changing truths about who we are as daughters of God.


This book teaches our daughters truths about what makes us girls, what makes us women. It affirms our natural desires to love others and want love in return, but it does this in light of our Catholic Faith. Sacred Scripture, Saintly Wisdom, Papal encyclicals and motherly advice provide truths that help us remain steady and anchored in our identity as women especially in a time where the waves of a loud society crash in on our daughters development, self knowledge and worth. This 8.5x11 paperback book includes:


  • 12 Beautiful custom-designed watercolor illustrations within the book and available for download for person use


  • Open ended discussion prompts


  • Crafty Mother-daughter activities for each chapter


  • 12 different sister saints and their stories


  • Easy to read chapters with relatable stories


  • Authentic Catholic Teaching that inspires, uplifts and directs hearts toward God



Bloom Value Pack (5)