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Chapter 8 Activity: Let's Get Comfy!

Enhance your mother-daughter bonding experience with our exclusive activity resource designed to complement the digital and physical book, Bloom. This resource is packed with engaging activities and prompts that will further enrich your quality time with your daughter. This post contains affiliate links.

Activity: Choose one of the following options:

  • Depending on where your daughter is in development. You could schedule a date to shop for a comfortable bra OR

  • Do something comfy like get in pjs and snuggle and watch a quick saint show or another inspiring program or just talk.

I took my daughter to get some very basic training bras. She LOVED going to the store with me to look around. I’m not sure every daughter would enjoy this, so as an alternative, talk about some ways you can be comfy at home with one another. This could mean getting in pjs, comfy socks, getting a mug of something warm, and watching a show together on the couch. Talk it over with your daughter and come up with a comfy experience for the two of you! This is a wonderful way to hit on your daughter’s love language: Acts of service—Making her a cup of something and bringing it to her, cleaning up when finished.

Quality Time—Let it be just you and your daughter on the couch, TV show optional. Maybe you just talk about your day instead. I love asking what is your rose (something good that has happened) and what is your thorn (something bad that has happened) today while sipping something warm together.

Physical Touch—Snuggling on the couch is perfect for this!

Word of Affirmation—This is a great example of affirming your daughter's choices for what is comforting, thanking her for spending time with you on the couch, and of course pointing out how cute she looks or how funny she is. Maybe she could show you what projects she has been working on, and you can affirm her ability and hard work!

Gift Giving—It would be great to read through this ahead of time and gift your daughter something comfortable like some cute fuzzy socks or a mug that reminds you of her! I had the best luck going to our local thrift store and finding super cute and affordable mugs! You could make a date of it and choose one for one another.

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