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Chapter 10 Activity: Love Your Soul

Enhance your mother-daughter bonding experience with our exclusive activity resource designed to complement the digital and physical book, Bloom. This resource is packed with engaging activities and prompts that will further enrich your quality time with your daughter. This post contains affiliate links.

Chapter 10 Activity: Foster your daughter's prayer routine.

Supplies: This will depend on which of the following suggestions you choose!


Choose one of the following.

  • Create a Prayer Routine (click to print a free template)

    • When is the best time of day for you to be focused and least distracted? Sometimes it's the first thing when you wake up; other times it's right before bedtime. You may have to play around with it, but write the time next to the day of the week.

    • In Chapter 10, were there any prayer ideas that stood out to you? Do you like to read or write? Listen or watch? Maybe you want to try something different on each day. As long as you choose something to do to pray.

  • Create a Prayer Corner in your Home

    • Start with finding a spot in your home that is good for reflection. It could be in a corner by a window. We have ours at the bottom of the stairs. Make sure the space is big enough for a chair and a small table.

    • On the table:

      • Start with one larger religious statue or crucifix or picture frame of scripture or a saint, etc.

      • One Bible and/or space for spiritual books.

      • Rosary dish or rosary hook

      • Add a candle or some fresh flowers to set the mood with something beautiful.

Let us know in the comments which you chose! Show us pictures too!

Don't have the book yet? Grab your Digital Copy or Print Copy now! Want to spend some more time reflecting on Bloom? Check out our Digital Mother's Journal and Print Mother's Journal coming soon!

Tell us how it's going! You are welcome to join our Best Buds: Bloom Community FB Page and connect with other Catholic mothers and their daughters and continue the discussion! All book owners have access to "Best Buds" community page on our website.

Want to bring this book study to your parish? We've created a free resource to help you do just that in the Best Buds Community Page!

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