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The Perfect Catholic Mother's Day Gift Idea: Date Night Her Way

I'm not sure about you, but come Mother's Day, I'd much rather have an experience of pampering and refreshment and fun than another coffee mug or chocolate. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of flowers and always appreciate the thoughtfulness of my family, but also, I'm tired and a break from "Momming" always hits the spot.

Husbands-Need the perfect Catholic Mother's Day Gift Idea? Keep reading...

Catholic Mother's Day Gift Idea: Quality Time!

I'm a huge fan of date nights. My husband is my best friend and it is so tempting to simply see him as my partner in life, my co-coordinator of chaos. It's on date nights that I am reminded of why I fell in love with him in the first place.

When we getaway from the hustle and bustle of family life, we are able to give one another attention and listen to one another uninterrupted. This quality time has a way of refreshing us both.

Let her choose the date night
Catholic Mother's Day Gift Idea: Date Night

May Date Night Challenge: Let Her Choose!

If you are a husband reading this, show the following choices to your wife. Let her choose what she would like and it's your job to just arrange it. If you are a wife/mom reading this, read the following suggestions and choose what sounds good! You can plan out the details or give the suggestion you chose to your husband and let him take care of the details.

Date Night Ideas that Catholic Mama's Will LOVE:

  • Both get brunch with mimosas and then go buy buy plants.

  • Get manicures and or pedicures with a girlfriend, then meet husband for a nice dinner after!

  • Go and get a fancy coffee and then walk around the bookstore! You can each get a new book to read OR choose a book for one another!

  • Do a paint your own ceramic or paint your own canvas class! Many places will let you bring your own wine and charcuterie!

  • Always wanted a Mary Garden? Take some time and shop for flowers to plant around your Mary statue. Look into getting a Mary Garden statue? Do some online browsing and text the link of the one you love to your hubby to buy you for Mother's Day!

What is your Language of Love?

Feel free to adapt these date night suggestions with something you know will hit your language of love. Need to take the love language quiz? Depending on her love language, here are some suggestions:

Gift Giving:

Husbands, think back... Has she mentioned she would like something? Maybe it's a swing for the front porch or maybe it's a new bedspread. Maybe it's a new watch or a piece of Catholic decor. If you can't think of any suggestions, ask her what she's had her eye on and make notes. When in doubt, a big bouquet of flowers and a beautiful piece of Catholic Art/Decor is always a hit! I love House of Joppa for Catholic home decor!

Acts of Service:

Husbands, tell your wife to leave for 3 hours. I suggest buying a gift certificate to her favorite nail solon, restaurant, place to shop, etc and say be home by a certain time. While she is gone, you and the kids clean the house and take care of dinner by either ordering pizza and doing the clean up or cooking a meal and doing the clean up!

Words of Affirmation:

Husbands, ask each of your kids to prepare by writing down or thinking ahead of time of the best memory they have had with mommy. And then have them tell her their favorite thing about her.

Physical Touch:

Buy her a professional massage or set aside time to rub her back (and JUST that unless she decides she wants more...) OR Set out a blanket and popcorn and snuggle and watch a movie as a family! This month's Catholic Family Movie Night is Tarzan! Come back May 15th for the link!

Quality Time:

While on your date, ask and answer the following Date Night Challenge Questions:

  • Husbands: What is the best way your wife mothers your kids? Wives: what's your favorite thing about being a mom?

  • Have you felt loved by me over this last month? Why or why not?

  • What can I do to love you better? (See last month's challenge about Love Languages!)

  • Do you have any prayer intentions I could pray for over the next month?

  • What has been your favorite memory or thing that happened over the last month?

  • What is one thing you are looking forward to in the coming month?

Before the date ends, be sure to schedule your next date night together!

We pray you fall deeper in love with your spouse this month and enjoy this intentional time together! Happy Mother's Day!

Want to Strengthen Your Catholic Marriage?

Wondering How to pray with your spouse? Check out this eBook, How to Create a Prayer Routine as Husband and Wife to help you and your spouse either refresh your current prayer life or to jump start a customized prayer routine together!

How to Pray for Your Marriage using the Luminous Mysteries : this free eBook download is great for husband and wife to reflect on the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary and how they relate to Marriage, guiding you to pray for your marriage as you pray them!

We challenge you to a date each month with our date night challenge! Looking for a date night in? Check out the Catholic Family Movie Night discussion prompts for the movie Groundhog Day!

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