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“Mom, Sometimes I Feel Like You Don’t Like Me”

“Mom sometimes I feel like you don’t like me”


It’s been a stressful few weeks. I mean life with 3yo twins (with one of them being spirited who fights me every turn) is always stressful.

But I don’t just have the twins. I have four other kids. And this one felt comfortable enough to be honest with me and tell me how he was feeling during our (precious) tuck in time.

I made room for his feelings, and validated them, apologizing for brushing his affection off when I was touched out and dangerously low in patience. But then I reassured him how much I do like him, and I told him why.

He is funny, creative, so sweet, hardworking and emotionally articulate. I told him how much I love our one-on-one tuck in time so we could see one another distraction free. I thanked him for his patience with me in my imperfections.

He felt seen, respected and appreciated.

I (of course) beat myself up and despaired the following day that I was just failing as a mom.

Matt saw me-broke through and we talked. He got me to see it was such a gift that Jojo felt comfortable enough to tell me his feelings. And that he would only say that to a mom he trusts and feels comfortable with.

At that point I had a choice-to relinquish the burden of imperfection and instead wear it as a crown which makes it the norm.

The Halbachs are imperfect, but love among the imperfect is honest, impactful, and oh so lovely.

(Taken from post on 1/28/2022)

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